Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Coffee Tables

Here are some great options for a coffee table. They can either be a statment piece or just a functional place to prop your feet up and a place for your slice of pizza. Just remember a few things:

1. If your place is small think about a glass or acrylic this will make the table shrink away and it will look like you have more space. 

2. Another small space tip is that if your table matches your flooring or rug it will also visually disappear. 

3. You don't always have to have one table, mix it up and have two or three small tables. This way they can be moved around for extra seating or act as your own personal tv tray! 

4. If you have kids always think of rounded edges. 

5. Think of the scale of your sofa and the table, you don't want a very small table and a giant sofa, no one will even be able to reach it. 

6. Round or Square?? Round options work great in an L shaped setting and a rectagle shape works great in a parallel setting. There is no set rule though try what works for you. 

There are a few fun options that I found: 
* Images from: Z GallerieAdvanced Interior Design , Moroccan Palace

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