Thursday, February 10, 2011


DIY Fabulousness!!

I saw this great idea on P.S. I Made This

I've seen these metalic pigs everywhere including the post below where Thom Filicia used it in a nursery.

If you want one of these and don't have an extra 200 bones to drop on a little adorable pig; Do this:

 1. Get one random toy: Preferable plastic.
2. Get some metalic spraypaint.
3. Sray and done. Presto chango. Very luxurious and quarky metalic gator.
4. Style it on a bookshelf or mantle. It works with all kinds of animals. I think they are really fun. I can't wait to spray paint some toys! (I think a T Rex would be fun)

See more great ideas at P.S. I Made This.

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