Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cheap Monday!!

Painted Mason Jars.

1. Paint  ( spray paint for the outside) (Acrylic for the inside)
2. Mason Jars
3. Newspaper
4. Masking tape ( if you want to make sure there are no globs on the rim or base.

This is a wonderful project if you want to make some inexpensive vases, pencil holders for you desk, or votives for a al fresco summer night dinner party. You probably have some spaghetti sauce jars or pickle jars in your fridge right now.

I like the look of the jar painted on the inside so the outside is glossy, but it would probably be easier if you spray painted the whole thing. If you choose a paint and are not happy with the fact that it is a little transparent you can paint the inside white to solve that little problem.

P.S. Don't eat or drink out of these!

Happy summer and happy painting.

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