Monday, July 26, 2010

Cheap Monday!!

This is a super easy DIY from Bryn Alexandra . If you can wrap and glue then you can make your own roman shade. One of the reasons it's pretty painless is that you start with an actual Roman shade. She recommends this because it takes all of the guess work out of the tricky engineering and you know it will always work. It doesn't matter what the shade looks like but she would recommend a neutral so it won't show through the fabric.
She started with this $30 roman shade from Overstock: 

For the fabric she used a remnant she already had from a past client. (On a side note: She wouldn't recommend using stripes because they are hard to line up just right.)

Next, cut the fabric so that it fits over the shade and can wrap around about 1/2" on all sides.
Step three: Iron like crazy.

Take all of your supplies outside and get ready to glue what you will need is spray adhesive and fabrictac. 
Starting from the top of the shade, spray adhesive the fabric onto the roman shade. Make sure the fabric is perfectly flat and there are no creases.

Once you spray adhesive all of the fabric onto the shade, turn the shade over and wrap the extra fabric (about half an inch) around the back of the shade and glue using fabrictac. Do not use the fabrictac on the front part of the shade. It will show through your fabric. She recommends spray adhesive for any part of the shade that shows. Fabrictac is preferred for the back because it is more secure.

This is the final project! It's beautiful and should only take you about an hour and a half with the cost of the roman shade of only about $30. That Bryn is a smart cookie.

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