Thursday, November 18, 2010

Excuse Me Overstock!!

                                                                5' x 8' wool rug $147.00
                                                                5'x8' wool rug $164.00
                                             5' x 8' Thom Felicia Indoor Outdoor Rug $ 159.99
                                           5' x 8' Thom Felicia Indoor Outdoor Rug $159.99
                                                Set of 2 galvanized steel counter stools $104.99
                                                            Modern sofa bed $821.99

I'm sorry I didn't give you enough credit before  ! These rugs are beautiful, the barstools unique, the nesting tables are one of my favorite iconic pieces. One of the best things is this modern sofa thing is it's actually a love seat with a chair, but can be configured in so many ways including a full length sofa and a fold out flat bed. AND....  remains to look so much better than a futon, so if you move apartments in the next year this piece will be versatile enough to make it through.

PS. Did you see the price on all of these! No I'm not getting paid by Overstock :)

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