Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How to write a thoughtful THANK YOU note....

The Holidays are coming up......If you've never written Grandma to thank her for that sweater that she has given you the last five years in a row; maybe thank her this year and she will remember she gave it to you. 
Here are my tips:
1. Don’t Bury the Lead. When you’re writing to ask someone for a favor, it’s appropriate to add a little chitchat at the forefront of your message, but when thanking someone, come right on out and say it (and be sure to mention the gift/favor/act of kindess specifically!). They’ll appreciate that your sole reason for writing is to thank them for their kindness.
2. Tell the Giver How/Where You Will Use Their Gift. For example: “Thank you so much for the beautiful vase. I’ve already filled it with flowers and placed it on my mantle and it looks fabulous.” If you’ve received a gift-card, and you haven’t used it yet, tell the giver how much you are looking forward to that massage or afternoon of shopping at your favorite store.
3. Let the Giver Know That You Like Them As Much As You Like Their Gift. If you received the gift in person, let the giver know how much you enjoyed seeing them at that particular event or holiday. If you received the gift in the mail, tell them that you are looking forward to seeing them at the next event you’ll both be attending.
4. Wrap It Up. This is where you write that you hope the giver is doing well, thank them again for thinking of you, and send them your best.
Almost everyone appreciates a thoughtful thank-you note, and if you follow these tips it shouldn’t be a chore to write one—you might even enjoy it!

*Find out more tips HERE the cute card is from HERE 

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