Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Lady Ga Ga Weekend!

My friend Tara and I are going to the Lady Ga Ga concert tonight.
Here is what I'm looking forward to.
1. People watching
2. Great Music
3. Some awesome dance moves to take home and practice
4. Some fantasy and glamour


Todd said...

Things I'm looking forward to tonight.

1)Outrageous costumes (both GaGa and her little monsters)
2)Dancing like a fool
3)Finding out what Semi-precious weapons are all about.
4)Having my mind blown!

I'll be keeping my eye out for you Blair.


Steele Street Studios said...


The Semi Precious Weapons is a great band the lead singer went to college with me and his name is Justin Tranter. He used to date one of my really great friends. Small world.
I'll look out for you too. Have fun!



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