Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cheap Monday!!

Sorry I've been MIA. I'll try to get two posts to you today and catch up! Working seven days a week is starting to get to me. I hope you guys are doing great and enjoy this post.

This is a fun DIY. I saw these chandeliers on the Curry & Co ligting website and was thinking to myself that I could probably make that!

 All you need is:
1. Driftwood (or any other kind of interesting wood you think might work, just make sure it's not to heavy)
2. A lighting kit from home depot or your local lighting store.
3. Metal wire to attach the wood together.  ( I might also have some hot glue on hand)
4. Wire cutters.

If anyone trys this please send me some pics and I"ll post them. Here are some inspiration pictures.

*Images are from Curry & Co

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